October 9, 2012


Truth to be told... I'm not really a fan of vintage. But then again all I can think of is the musky smell of a thrift shop. But... in just a recent turn of events... and the realisation that I can buy a designer for 1/10 of the retail price - I was sold. So, Neha and I wandered to the Parkdale area after Dave was pointing out the other day which was his fave vintage store.

Neha and I were just browsing and didn't think much of what we could find anything... until Neha tried on a cape then I started to browse the rack... Givenchy... Burberry... Balenciaga. Neha pulled out a Burberry trench for me to try on. I slipped it on and fit nicely. The downfall was the sleeve... but as I kept it on and walked around in it. I started to fall in love. As I was inspecting the condition of the trench & I noticed there was a zipper... I unzip and behold the wool lining became a vest/cape. Neha was sold. Price tag was $125. Amazing buy for a vintage Burberry and so my collection grows. I also tried on the Balenciaga black cape... which I'm kind of at awe still. Still contemplating...

As I was paying. I looked in the glass display case and notice a scarf that was very Hermes-like. So, I asked the associate to pull it out. But, sadly it wasn't. Then another scarf peaked my interest. Oscar de la Renta. Neha wasn't sold on buying it. So, we left but... after a block of walking. She says: "I'm crazy it's Oscar de la Renta for only $28." So, we went back and she got her scarf... then I noticed another scarf... 2 more Oscar de la Renta scarves. I purchased one and Neha contemplated between the other 2 but opted for the first one we saw.

We became 2 very happy girls. This will be our go-to-shop every week. It's safe to say that I'm officially addicted to vintage shopping. I can't wait for our next week's finds. And here's hoping the Balenciaga cape is still hanging on the rack.


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