October 30, 2012


It was a rainy and a windy weekend. So, I finally took my Uniqlo jacket out for a spin. Only because it's the only thing in my closet that can act like a "rain coat". I dropped by the Eaton Centre again for another styling session. I am never going to the mall again during the weekend especially the Eaton Centre. It gets so overwhelming. It's madness. Luckily, the first few stores we dropped by was quiet and less crowded. Top Man and Banana Republic... I didn't even bother going into Zara and just quickly browsed through H&M but at this time, Ray was already exhuasted and wanted to eat. Since he hates being photographed... I didn't even take any of the photos of the outfits I got him to try. But on the next post I'll do a quick run down of the items from Top Man that I think guys should have in their closet.

Top Man dressing room has such a nice backdrop - white brick walls & grey curtains. Love.


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