November 30, 2012


It's been a couple of years since I went to One of a Kind show but this year I had a chance to go c/o Fashionights. So with my shopping twin in toe... we headed to see the show. I've never been to the Christmas edition but I think I like it more - probably because of the gigantic Christmas tree that's right smack and in the centre of it all. 'Tis the holiday season. We started from the far right then walk left. Here's a tid bit... stay hydrated and be prepared to at least spend a couple to several hours at the show. 

Let's do this. OOAKX12 Round-up.

1 // Créations Li, is the brainchild of Montréal-based artist, Wai-Yant Li. She creates ceramics that is based on her childhood imagination and draws inspiration from characters she grew up with. Doesn't it remind you of the mushrooms in Super Mario? This was by far my favourite stall because it just brings a smile to your face. Unfortunately, I couldn't decide for the life of me decide, which one to get but Neha bought the squishy cup (the one on the right). Too cute.

November 29, 2012


Sorry for the very late post... I got caught up with project after project. Here's a little sneak peak to next week's Hair Story. As I was going through the photos from the weekend - I can't help but be so mesmerize by how much my hair has grown. When I saw the shot after it was taken I turned to Jenny and was like "NO way... this can't be my hair." Unfortunately though, it's not long enough to do a braid crown probably because of the layers upon layers. So, I'll be growing it a bit longer and then probably I'll chop it :D

Happy Thursday... one more day til the weekend. Hooray!


November 28, 2012


We got a little preview of what Joe Fresh is going to be offering next season during Toronto Fashion Week but they have now released more unseen items. It continues to be more bold and colourful than before. I'm quite excited because this line continues to surprise me with the runway looks but with affordable prices. Below are just some of what you will be seeing in the store near you. Check out the gallery over at Flare along with the prices - everything $100. Just amazing! 


Being crafty allows you to create pieces to call it your own and yours alone. 
This project is derived from my obsession over typography more specifically ampersand. Last week, I spotted an ampersand sweater but the material shed too much to my own liking, so I decided to tackle on my first DIY project, of course you can change whatever symbol you want. 

November 27, 2012


It's the holiday season and it gets a bit overwhelming at times. Always wondering what to get for people especially your mom, sister, grandmother, wife or girlfriend. If I could ever give one advice about the holiday shopping... it's always about making things personal. We can always get wrapped up in getting everyone on our list we forget to making it more personal. So, this Christmas why not get personal with monogrammed items from jewelry to stocking stuffer-worthy items... any one of these will bring a smile to anyone's face but of course, pick wisely. Happy shopping!

one // tree monogram, anthropologie
two // cursive monogram mugs, indigo
three // asymmetrical mini letter necklace, baublebar
four // glass shadow boxes, west elm
five // baggu bag, west elm
six // solid throw, west elm
seven // nova letter necklace, lauren elan



Good Guys Don't Wear Leather is Marion Hanania's own collection that produces shoes without using any animal ingredients. Good Guys cherishes the past but embraces the future. The brand plays with shapes, styles and looks from older times, but continually explores new materials and production methods. The amount of detailing they have on their collection is just mind-blowing. And I think it'll become my go-to shoe brand from now on. Currently though, most of the collection are only for men's as the women's collection is limited but keep an eye out - they promise it'll be available to women soon. 
AYASHI black
EBONI brandy

November 26, 2012


WHAT TO WEAR | Dress, Top Shop // Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell (buy here) // Sunglasses, Chanel 
// Necklace, Tiffany's // Clutch, Alexander McQueen

Classic. Sophistication. Pearls.
Every time I think of pearls - I think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast of Tiffany's. So, today's first hairstyle is just that. Jenny was inspired by my pearl headband and decided to go from there. Sadly, since it was the two of us - I wasn't able to capture the step by step but in the next set we will have that. In the meantime, be at awe with Jenny's intricate hairstyle. She is the hairstyle guru. Also, she is a card-making whiz! She has a couple of card designs that's available for sale! Check it out here


There's a je ne sais quoi about the way Parisians dresses. I've always been inspired by their sophistication and simplicity chic. And it's no wonder the for the second week I drew a style file on another Parisian actress, Marion Cotillard. She was most notably starring in the summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.   
I just love Marion's style - it is sophisticated and simply chic. Wearing strong pieces that speaks for themselves without going over the top. 

November 25, 2012


Toronto is a beautiful city to be living in. Sadly, like everyone else time catches up and I'm never able to really discover the city as much as I like to. I finally stepped in the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, the other day and it is just beautiful. The natural wood against the glass and steel is such the perfect mix of how the city itself is. 

November 23, 2012


I'm so excited for my first collaboration with Jenny from Dots of Whimsy.
Hair Story will be an on-going post series about hairstyles. 
Quite excited for our shoot over the weekend. 

Happy Weekend! xoxo

November 22, 2012


It will only be official if I'm on Facebook.
So, Laces of Frills finally has a Facebook page // Like
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1 // Mini Wishbone Bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner
2 // Bead Stretch Bracelet, Michael Kors
3 // Jewel Tone Bracelet, Holst + Lee
4 // Hook Wrap Bracelet, Giles & Brother
6 // Atlantic Whalers Bracelet, Kiel James Patrick
7 // Chevron Cuff, CC Skye
8 // Astin Bracelet, Lauren Elan

All of these are pretty much on my wish list *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

Recently, I've learned to layer my bracelets, so that's why I opted for simple pieces that can go with the bracelets I have now but it can also go solo. The Chevron Cuff is the odd one out but I am in love with this pattern. Just in love with it. If I could have just chevron-printed clothes I would. That's how much I am in love with the pattern.


November 21, 2012


If you haven't noticed design, photography and fashion takes the cake for me. And I'm a huge fan of Vanity Fair because their editiorials are just superb and amazing. Amanda Seyfried, who will be starring in the all-star cast remake of Les Miserables, has a photo spread in the latest Vanity Fair and it's just breathtaking. The photography and the styling is just... magnifique. Well done, photographer, Simon Emmett and stylist, Hannah Teare


Fashion is all about playing with the different patterns, 
intertwining pieces that don't necessarily belong but once you put your outfit together, it just fits. 
It is all about the little details that makes the outfit come together.   

Animal print is a huge trend this year especially this season. Everyone seems to be having a ball of a time with these prints. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of animal prints on pants. Mind you, not many can people can pull this off but when they do... it's amazing. 

Neha, my shopping twin, wore her latest buy from Zara when we saw each other last week. A burgundy-coloured leopard animal print pants with a gold lining on the side is just magically perfect. Her style is sophisticated chic and what I love about this outfit is that she took the colours from her pants and played with it. She wore a simple black knit along with her camel coat that picks up from the gold lining. Everything is subtle... leaving the animal print pants to be the stand-out piece.

November 20, 2012


I don't know why I sometimes miscalculate how far things are. On a very nice November day, I decided to walk from Yonge to Dufferin along Queen Street - thinking it was only about 30 minutes walk. I didn't realise how far it was until I finally reached the restaurant and I was ready to chow down for some food. Then after meeting Kate and Neha, we slowly walked back to east and decided to chill at a Starbucks... only then did I realise how sore my legs were from all that walking. Don't mind my hair... it gets a little crazy when I've been walking outside.


Burberry Bridle House Check Crossbody.
Undecided on which colour. 
But isn't this a beaut? I think I'm in love.

November 19, 2012


You may remember Clémence Poésy in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire and in Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass' girlfriend. Her style to me is very Parisian, which is probably why I love her fashion sense. Mixing feminine with structure along with her wavy hair creates a very-much carefree Parisian style. And no matter what she wears she just looks elegantly chic and she could be the definition of what Parisian Chic - is all about. 

November 13, 2012


Yes! I was wearing shorts and no jacket and it's November! Toronto had record breaking temperature this past Sunday with the high of 18 and I just couldn't contain my excitement. I met up with Kate for a much needed photo session and Queen Street-strolling during a day where staying indoors was not an option. 

I decided I wanted to be vibrant and decided to pair my new evergreen Joe Fresh shirt with the Gap shorts and a pair of printed tights that I bought last year and never worn. And I finally got to test drive my new pair of Naturalizer shoes. I am totally loving the burgundy colour, its nice to see a pop of colour in the Fall/Winter.

Hopefully, we will be enjoying a couple of more days of this weather. 

November 12, 2012


Whenever I think of Kate Moss. I think rocker chic with a touch of boho elegance. Her style is looking like she hasn't put much effort in her outfits and her carefree ways is what makes her style great. She mixes pieces that wouldn't normally go together inevitably creating something that is her own. I guess that's why her style appeals to me because I'm similar where I don't take anything as face value because I want to be set myself apart from everyone else.


Recently, I've been seeing a lot metallic capped toe and since then I've been obsessing over them. Then, at Eaton Centre I saw these Zorro boots by Jeffrey Campbell at Little Burgundy. Aside from the black, it also comes in the blue and burgundy. For me, it was a toss-up between black and blue because I've been obsessing to get a pair of blue shoes. But I figured the black ones are a better way to go. So, there you have it. I finally got a pair of tied up flat boots with a metallic capped toe and that makes it my second pair for Jeffrey Campbell. I am one happy girl.


November 10, 2012


Winter hasn't arrived yet but the new look book from H&M Spring 2013 is here. And all I have to say is... ONE OF EACH, PLEASE!!! And the best part about H&M is... it's affordable and I can really have it all in my closet. Ohhh... cannot wait when it comes out in stores! Let's skip winter shall we?

Love the pineapple t-shirt!
H&M Spring 2013
H&M Spring 2013

November 9, 2012


During my short but sweet time in Paris, being a shopaholic, it was inevitable for me not to window shop at least. So, I was able to see what French fashion is all about. I unconsciously draw inspirations from them without knowing (but that's another topic). Paris doesn't have malls instead they have streets after streets filled with boutiques or department stores that house different brands. I lived in a walking distance from Galeries Lafayette at the Opera and right beside it had Printemps that was introduced to me by Florence. Printemps housed designer brands so it could be compared to Holt Renfrew.

There I discovered The Kooples. It was founded by the Elicha brothers (Alexandre, Laurent & Raphael), who drew their inspiration from Saville Row, which is a street in Mayfair, London, made famous for its bespoke tailoring. The name is derived from a Franglais neologism pronounced Coo-pels with a French accent. What makes this brand different from all the other brands is the philosophy behind it all: that couples frequently borrow each other's clothes: so there is a men's and a women's collection that are supposed to appear interchangeable. The designers purport to create classics with a cool twist, but the result is an unimpressive range of separates, trimmed with token skull details in an attempt to give them an avant-garde edge. So, in essence, at the end of the day, there is a fine line between male and female and that it creates an androgynous feel. Now, that it has made it's way to NYC, hopefully, it'll come over to Canada soon! 
"It's a bit English dandy, a bit rock'n'roll, with a bit of French chic and je ne sais quoi," explains Alexandre, who does most of the talking. "A bit Duke of Edinburgh and a bit Rolling Stones. When we opened in Paris everyone thought it was very English, but in Britain everyone thinks it's very Parisian."