November 27, 2013


There's just something about Paris for me that I can figure out.
I am just in love with this city. I love the je ne sais quoi
The highlight of this trip was probably me sitting in Jardin des Tuilleries and eating my Laduree pastry. 
It was the most magical yet simplest thing you can think of.
Walking on the cobblestones... criss-crossing through all the bridges that links the city.
Oh Paris, why are you so magical?
I also took a day trip to Giverny, where Monet just painted away. 
This little village is about 1hr train ride outside of Paris...
tucked away in the most beautiful backdrop of greenery hills.
Just magical. 

xx charisse

November 12, 2013


I don't think I've been in love a song as much as I love Let Her Go by Passenger.
It's been on repeat on my iPod for the past month. I can't get enough of it.

Happy Tuesday!

xx charisse