October 31, 2012


So as I said, I dropped by Top Man over the weekend and I think this is the 'it' shopping store for the guy in your life and it couldn't come at a better time. I fell in love with the knitted cardigans, the elbow patches and the fitted chinos. They had so many selections that would appeal to every guy (no matter how conservative they are).

Guys' fashion is never changing but I am loving how Top Man is introducing the guys to colours and prints. The first look is all about the knitted cardigan with the elbow patches anchored with the basic must-haves. All guys should have a great pair of chinos, a good pair of amazing loafers and a good leather belt. They are basic items that can be simply paired with a t-shirt and a jacket. This is a good option instead of wearing jeans for the smarter and sleek look. I decided I wanted to introduce how different prints can be combined, so I paired the cardigan with a stripe shirt. It's a basic piece that picks up the blues and the reds of the cardigan and it will match perfectly with it.

Light Grey Slim Chinos // Navy Nordic Pattern Cardigan // Samsoe & Samsoe T-Shirt
// Tan Leather Jeans Belt // Robri Suede Desert Shoes

October 30, 2012


It was a rainy and a windy weekend. So, I finally took my Uniqlo jacket out for a spin. Only because it's the only thing in my closet that can act like a "rain coat". I dropped by the Eaton Centre again for another styling session. I am never going to the mall again during the weekend especially the Eaton Centre. It gets so overwhelming. It's madness. Luckily, the first few stores we dropped by was quiet and less crowded. Top Man and Banana Republic... I didn't even bother going into Zara and just quickly browsed through H&M but at this time, Ray was already exhuasted and wanted to eat. Since he hates being photographed... I didn't even take any of the photos of the outfits I got him to try. But on the next post I'll do a quick run down of the items from Top Man that I think guys should have in their closet.


I did some Halloween celebration over the weekend. Either I'm getting too old for clubbing or what because I did not enjoy it one bit especially during my last couple of outings. I love dancing but when the dj can't properly transition their songs from one to another it's disastrous... then when people just like to push and shove. I was just no longer in the mood. We ended up spending more time lining up than actually being in the club. So, back to what I decided to be for Halloween. I never like to buy costumes because well I think its a waste of money. So, I usually end up looking through my closet to see what I can put together. Then, I remembered the vintage marching band blazer I got a couple of weeks ago. I decided I will be a marching band person. I headed over to the dollar store and found myself a recorder for $1.25 and a bag full of pompoms. As a result, I became a person in a marching band that loves to throw tea parties and flies planes every now and thenHappy Halloween. 

What I'm wearing // vintage blazer, Joe Fresh shirt, Gap shorts, knee-high socks

October 27, 2012


The photos don't give it justice to how much intricate detailing it was put in the wedding gowns. And seeing it up close was a treat. Truthfully, I'm never really a fan of big over-the-top gowns but seeing this collection made me that little girl picturing myself in a big ball gown. Paraezo Couture is led by Bruce Dang as he continues to strive to make Paraezo a household name in the bridal industry. And truthfully, I'm sold. My favourite gown probably has to be the finale gown. If I were to choose something more elaborate that's the style I would love to get that one. When I first saw the headpieces on the models - it reminded me of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Something fairy-tale like. The whole collection was really a dream.

October 26, 2012

TFW SS '13 // SOIA & KYO

The first thing that popped into my head when I was seeing the collection of Soia & Kyo - I thought of how subtle the quirkiness it had. I, especially, love the idea of the turban. I've been a fan for awhile and so glad a Canadian designer is picking up on the trend and it's made available for the general public. Overall, the colours were calm pastels with a hint of bright yellows and blues. After all, it is spring and summer. I also love seeing the bold black & white stripes in the collection as I feel that it will be a big trend for next year. I am totally loving this collection and it's another collection I can't wait to have in my closet. 

October 25, 2012


It's go bold or go home! That seems to be the trend in the Spring/Summer '13 runway. Joe Mimran, the brainchild and designer of Joe Fresh, continues to showcase runway looks for affordable prices. I am loving the bold black and white graphics then he mixes in some metallics in classic styles. Who wouldn't love it? I want one of each please. Can we just fast-forward to spring and just forget about winter? And I am also loving what is offered for the Men. Classic styles with bold printed shirts... I do love where this direction is heading. Mimran is always able to create bold yet classic pieces and they are so wearable that it can fit right anybody's wardrobe. I am so excited for when this hit stores!

Toronto Fashion Week: Joe Fresh spring/summer 2013Toronto Fashion Week: Joe Fresh spring/summer 2013

Toronto Fashion Week: Joe Fresh spring/summer 2013Toronto Fashion Week: Joe Fresh spring/summer 2013

October 24, 2012


Last night they had a launch party for new H&M collaborated collection with Maison Martin Margiela. When I first saw the sneak peak of the collection - I was indifferent. Probably because for years tailored items took the reigns. Though, the more I think about it the over sized clothing has been slowly making its mark. And now it has made a splash by this collaboration. The Margiela collection for H&M embarks to something new... and truthfully, comparing to past collabs - I think this maybe one of the most wearable collections because it is not over the top. The collection stems from the avant-garde style of being over-sized yet structured at the same time. Now, the more I look at it... I am loving this collection. Maybe I'll be there waiting in the line-up on November 15. What do you think of this collection? Do you love it or hate it? 

October 23, 2012


So it's Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week and the collection from Pavoni has taken the top spot on my list as one of my favourite collection for S/S '13. If I were to describe the collection with one word it would be: fairy tale (mmm.. that's two words). The collection is filled with gowns and cocktail dresses alike, adorned with all of the embellishments that they are well-known for and creates something that is so elegant that you feel like you are a princess. It brings out the little girl, who dresses up in her mom's dresses and heels that prances around the house imagining the future. The collection gave me that feeling of good memories. The collection is delicate yet bold.

Pavoni spring/summer 2013Pavoni spring/summer 2013

Pavoni spring/summer 2013Pavoni spring/summer 2013


I never heard of Jean-Pierre Braganza until now and I'm glad I did. Just coming off his showing on the world stage in London Fashion Week. Braganza showed his S/S '13 collection during the ShOws (a showcase for Canadian talent that usually previews their collections in London, New York and Paris). This occurs a week prior before the main event. Braganza is known for his tailored looks but S/S '13 season he decided to create more of fluidity. I find that Spring/Summer is the perfect time to create flow and use playful prints. And that's what Braganza did. However, he still adds a dash of the tuxedo looks that will be one of the main trends next season. The majority of his collection is in muted creams with a dash of bold colours. The graphics on more of his tailored looks makes the outfits whole, yet it still has a flow to it because it's not as structured. Overall, I am loving this collection and something that I would love to have in my closet.  

Jean-Pierre Braganza spring/summer 2013Jean-Pierre Braganza spring/summer 2013

Jean-Pierre Braganza spring/summer 2013Jean-Pierre Braganza spring/summer 2013

October 22, 2012


Aside from Pinterest, magazines, fashion blogs... I draw a lot of inspirations from my favourite TV characters who live for fashion. Zoe Hart is played by Rachel Bilson (The OC alumni) is now in CW's Hart of Dixie. Her character is a New York transplant that now lives in a small town in Alabama. I love her style because it's the polar of opposite of what the other characters wear on the show. Zoe Hart's style is fashion-forward but with a twist of her own. Her ability to playfully mix of textures, fabrics and prints - to make it work leaves me at awe. Tune in on Tuesday nights to be inspired by her wardrobe.


October 21, 2012


Toronto's weather is so temperamental - you just never know what kind of weather we will get. Luckily, today was a glorious sunny Autumn day. Not too chilly. Not too warm. Just perfect. It was a perfect day to just dress casually. My go-to-shirt right now is the denim button down shirt I got from Forever 21. I normally don't really buy anything from there because it gets way too overwhelming. I paired it with my vest with a fur hood by Bess, I got a couple of years from Hong Kong. I absolutely love it and it's my go-to item for the fall season. Recently, I've been using my tote I got from Bicyclette as my "purse" - perfect choice when you are shopping around.



Fashion Week is finally touching down in Toronto and I couldn't be more exciting. As IMG has taken the reigns of Fashion Week, so I cannot be as excited. The Rogue Fashion Week showcases works from emerging artists and established designers alike. The sisterly-duo of Chloé Comme Parris has always peaked my interest in what they have to show during Fashion Week and this year is no different. I'm always excited to support local designers because they usually present us something that is unique and different. Their style is very avant-garde like with a touch of hardware use (which is something that's becoming very big this season). So, now we have to fast-forward the frigid winter and picture the fun in the sun for the Spring/Summer 2013. The collection is delicate and fragile yet it has an edge to it, which I love. It reminds me a lot of what the fashion was like when I was in Paris.  

Chloé Comme Parris spring/summer 2013Chloé Comme Parris spring/summer 2013

Chloé Comme Parris spring/summer 2013Chloé Comme Parris spring/summer 2013

October 19, 2012


Oh sometimes... going to the Eaton Centre is lethal. Especially recently with the newest addition of Top Shop and J. Crew stores. And their recent renovations to the mall - I can't help but actually liking it. So, I've wishlisted some items I hope to have in my closet in the near future. Well, at least way before winter comes.

MacAlister high-heel ankle boots 
How darling are these MacAllister high-heel ankle boots from J.Crew? The reason why I love these are because of how there are grips... which means I won't be slipping and sliding in the Toronto winter. 

October 18, 2012


Living in Toronto especially in the months of November until March... we are bundled up in our coats, scarves, beanies and gloves. Toronto becomes a sea of black coats. Keyword was black coats... it gets super boring when you are on the subway and every person is in a black coat. Yes. I know black is a staple colour and it matches with everything but wouldn't it just be nice to NOT wear black. I'll admit I do have a black long wool coat but apart from that I have a purple peacoat that I wear often. Over the weekend, I dropped by Zara Eaton Centre and was completely floored by the amazing coats they have this season. Overall, this season could be my favourite collection. I would buy everything if I had all the money in the world. But, sadly, I don't.

Back on point, all coats can go with everything. All the coats I picked out could all be worn with a pair of jeans, a pair of slacks, skirts, and dresses. But the difference is that... they aren't black and they have something different about them. Statement pieces that makes you stand out of the crowd of the Canada Goose jackets and the TNA parkas. I would not recommend you wearing this in the below zero degree weather but when you are going out with friends or have a date... why not spruce up your outfit?