October 19, 2012


Oh sometimes... going to the Eaton Centre is lethal. Especially recently with the newest addition of Top Shop and J. Crew stores. And their recent renovations to the mall - I can't help but actually liking it. So, I've wishlisted some items I hope to have in my closet in the near future. Well, at least way before winter comes.

MacAlister high-heel ankle boots 
How darling are these MacAllister high-heel ankle boots from J.Crew? The reason why I love these are because of how there are grips... which means I won't be slipping and sliding in the Toronto winter. 

The thing I love about the shirt is the colour and the studded detail on the shoulder. It's simple and sleek, that's the one thing I love about Zara.

How cute is this fox printed shirt? You can pair it with a nice blazer and black trousers and you are office-ready. I really love the animal prints that's becoming a big trend for this season. 

Right now, I am in a hunt for a red dress. It's hard to find. But then I popped over Top Shop and fell in love with this Mesh Insert Skater Dress. It's a fun dress and it's completely different from what I have. I haven't tried it on because of my laziness. But maybe this weekend I'll try it on. 

Ahh... the Jacquard Floral Flippy Dress from Top Shop! I love the texture of this dress. Isn't it very Parisian? It also comes in a burgundy colour but I feel that the floral pattern gets lost because the burgundy is already such a bold colour and it clashes with the intricate floral pattern. 


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