October 30, 2012


I did some Halloween celebration over the weekend. Either I'm getting too old for clubbing or what because I did not enjoy it one bit especially during my last couple of outings. I love dancing but when the dj can't properly transition their songs from one to another it's disastrous... then when people just like to push and shove. I was just no longer in the mood. We ended up spending more time lining up than actually being in the club. So, back to what I decided to be for Halloween. I never like to buy costumes because well I think its a waste of money. So, I usually end up looking through my closet to see what I can put together. Then, I remembered the vintage marching band blazer I got a couple of weeks ago. I decided I will be a marching band person. I headed over to the dollar store and found myself a recorder for $1.25 and a bag full of pompoms. As a result, I became a person in a marching band that loves to throw tea parties and flies planes every now and thenHappy Halloween. 

What I'm wearing // vintage blazer, Joe Fresh shirt, Gap shorts, knee-high socks


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