September 29, 2012


H&M Traditional Blazer, $69.95 // H&M Modern Blazer, $29.95

I am very neutral on the idea of tweed because really when you think of tweed - you think of middle-aged British men. But, of course, like everything else in fashion... things gets recycled and I present you the season of tweed. I think tweed is a timeless fabric that will always be good to have in your closet staples. Of course, it just has to do with how you wear it. I would never wear a whole tweed suit... ie. jacket & pants/skirt... but I would however, wear a tweed jacket with a pair of slacks or skirt in a solid neutral or even jeans to make it more casual.

I was at H&M and saw that they played the idea more. They have a traditional tweed blazer with an elbow patch (awesome!) and then they modernized it with a black tweed fabric that is reminiscent of Chanel's classics (its only $29.95). Both are good depending on what your style is. I, for one, wouldn't mind having both because depending on how I  wear it with - it could be part of my style. 

Which style of tweed do you prefer?


September 28, 2012


With the temperature dropping... I finally got a chance to sport my Freya coat that I got a couple of months ago from Charlie. Totally in love. 

Just because it's a pattern coat doesn't mean you can't mix up some more patterns. I took my FCUK houndstooth scarf and it goes magically with the coat. The pop of maroon just make the pattern on the jacket stand out more.


September 25, 2012


I've been in search for nude flats for as long as I could remember and finally after a lunch date with Neha at Momofuku at Shangri-la (which was spectacular by the way). We strolled down to Zara on Queen West. And long and behold there it was... the Pointed Studded Ballet Flats, which I tried in camouflage but opted not to get it (some few weeks ago). What a wise decision. Because now it came in a nude colour, which I love more. I also tried on the highest high heels imaginable (though it came in the most amazing colour, electric blue). How could anyone ever wear them? I nearly planted my face after taking 3 strides. 


September 24, 2012


I knew it was a bad idea to walk in Bicyclette yesterday... but since I haven't walk in that store in a couple of months I said sure why not. The moment I walked in... I fell in love with a top. White with black and gold polka dots. I picked it out... then pondered. But put it back. I walked around a bit in the store... but came back to the top. So, I decided to try it on. I came out of the change room and Donna just screamed with glee of excitement. She said that it was "me". I looked at it. Pondered. Then got it because the 10% off was the deal breaker. Here is one top with 3 different looks

Edgy Chic: I paired it with my leather jacket & RM Mac.

Parisian Chic: Nothing like a good pencil skirt to pair it with. 

Smart Chic: Paired it with my cropped houndstooth jacket. 

Did I tell you I'm extremely excited for fall?


September 21, 2012


I literally want everything from J Brand RTW Fall 2012. I love love love it!! Did I tell you how much I love it?!?

{Images via because i'm addicted}

September 17, 2012


The second must-have for Christine is a crisp white buttoned down shirt. I've done two looks again.

During work... I've paired the shirt with an H&M pencil skirt  with a zipper and black detail. I feel that the little details always makes the outfit especially how you present it. Having the shirt tucked in allows for a crisp and professional look. I paired it with a funky necklace from H&M that will add some style that makes it Christine. I decided to pair the outfit with the same pair of heels from Look 1 because she's working with a budget and she loved the shoes. 

During a night-out... white dress shirts is a good basic to have for both work and a night-out. I've paired it this time with a burgandy coloured trouser from H&M. Nothing like a way to have some fun with lots of colour. She can either have the shirt tucked in or not and cinch the waist with a belt. Wear it with a black knee-high boots and finished the outfit with a cute felt hat from Joe Fresh because she loves hats. Once it gets chilly, she can wear her leather jacket.


September 16, 2012


H&M: Printed Floral Shirt, Grey pants with black lining, Zebra print shirt & a fitted houndstooth dress

I completely forgot to do a intro post of Jenny, so I shall combine it. Jenny is my creative twin, we both get excited talking about paper and crafts. But for her day job, she's currently a teacher where she needs to dress more of a business attire. So, she has recruited me to style her for her 9-5 job. Jen knows style, except  in her words, it takes too much time. Her style is classic and simple, so I decided to break her out of her mold.

Yesterday, we met up at Fairview to pick out some outfits. Not the ideal location but it served some purpose. Our first store was H&M. I'll say this. If you are in need of an outfit and on a budget, H&M is the place to be. I was pretty shocked of how well they made their fitted shirts to be. They are actually flattering. She got all of the pieces except the Zebra printed shirt (because it was returned & the last one). I fell in love with the pants. With me, it is all about the details. The grey dress pants has a black trim which adds so much to the outfit. And it fit perfectly on Jenny. The floral print was gorgeous - it's very Parisian. I really like the Zebra print too but too bad it was the last one. And then the Houndstooth dress... form-fitting and it looked great on her. 

We dropped by Calvin Klein, RW&Co, Gap, RW&Co, and Zara - but they were all misses. Disappointing. 

We will be resuming another shopping day probably in the next couple of weeks. 

Until then,

September 11, 2012


The Basic: Zara Dress, $59.90
Day: F21 Cropped Blazer, $29.80, F21 Pearl Necklaces, $7.80, Zara 3-Toned Heels, $79.90
Night: Zara Jacket, $99.90, H&M Cuff Bracelet, $7.95, Zara Gold Headband, $11.90, Zara Ankle Boots, $59.90

So, this first look is based on finding a dress that is versatile for work and going out. The thing that I like about this Zara dress is the tailored fit that is appropriate for work yet that small black detail adds style that can be perfect for a night out of town. This gives a good foundation to build an outfit that can quickly transition from work to play. 

During work, I paired it with a cropped blazer to give off a professional look, with long pearl necklaces and to add some colour I found the 3-toned colour heels from Zara that isn't overly high and is appropriate for work but the colours just add a little Christine-personality to the outfit. 

During a night out, I paired it with a leather jacket and I find that gold accessories adds more of a statement and chic-ness than silver. Christine loves to wear headbands, so the gold stretched headband would add some playfulness to it and a gold bow cuff is just a good way to have more fun. I decided to pair it with ankle platform boots to give more of an edgy look. 


September 10, 2012


Meet Christine, circa Christmas 2011

So... yesterday broke the news to me that she would like me to style her. Of course, I jumped for joy. JUMPED for joy. In the next few days, I'll be posting up some styles for her that I've put together for her and under her budget. Since, she hates shopping. I figured this would be the best way then after she decides whether she likes it or not we can just go shopping on a Saturday or something. So, excited. I cannot wait.

Here's a quick tidbit about Christine. She's a lively girl that has an eclectic style that I don't think many can pull of. She works in a business setting so she dresses conservatively. I hope to infuse her eclectic style into her 9-5 wardrobe just so she can be stylin' at work too. Style doesn't stop just because you work in a 9-5 job.

Now... it's time for me to get to work.


September 9, 2012


Cape from Anthropologie, Shirt from Joe Fresh, Bag from Rebecca Minkoff,
Jeans from Gap, Boots from Winners, Glasses from Chanel

I spotted some fallen leaves yesterday and as the temp drops to the late teens this weekend. I can't help feel giddy. You have no idea how much I love Fall. I get to finally take out my capes out for a spin after a dreary winter, a wet spring and a hot summer... It's always about layers but add so colours, florals and prints. Fall 2012 couldn't be anymore exciting. 


September 7, 2012


So, I was in the Yorkdale area for a meeting and decided to pop in the mall for a bit especially since I rarely go there and it's the only place that has Top Shop. I walked through the Bay and the collared necklaces caught my eye. I feel that this season it is all about statement necklaces, be it collared or just an extravagant necklaces. It will indeed make your outfit even more special. Ironically though, while I was oohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the necklaces, I walked away with a cube ring from Top Shop. But here were some the styles that caught my eye. 

1. The Bay, buy here 2. The Bay, buy here 3. Top Shop, buy here 4. Top Shop, buy here
5. Top Shop, buy here 6. Top Shop, buy here 7. Top Shop, buy here


September 2, 2012


Joe Fresh is the best place to buy good basics on a budget price that will ground your wardrobe. A couple of days ago, I went to the Joe Fresh/Loulou event at Queen and Portland. I spotted their coloured denim for $19 and a simple 3/4 cotton shirt for $10. I paired it with my fur vest, tassled necklace, RM Mac Mini and the Geox studded flats... you get a good transitioning outfit for fall.