February 29, 2012


Yes! I cannot contain my excitement for NYC! This time tomorrow... I'll be on a plane en route to the city that never sleeps. I'm so excited! It's been about 10years since I last went... I'm so excited!! So excited! My lovelies and I have been counting down... my google map is flooded with all these landmarks I want to hit... hopefully the 4 days will accomplish it! I don't plan to sleep. NOT AT ALL! So excited. Yes! Can you tell that I'm excited? 

{images via Navid Baraty}

February 28, 2012


It's that time again... something about shoes in the summer and more specifically shoes that are sold in Asia. The parentals are coming back from their hibernation in South East Asia and my to-buy lists mainly consists of shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I don't know why... last time I went back I came back with NINE (9) yes... you heard me NINE NEW PAIR OF SHOES! Sadly... only a few survived because of the wear and tear. But that also means... new shoes in my collection.

I've been reacquainted with brands I fell in love with and was introduced to new brands. So far... I have a pair of wedges and flats. I can't wait to wear them come this spring/summer.


{images via VNC & Pedro}

February 25, 2012


First of all... sorry for being MIA. Work has taken over my life and by the time I get home I just want to sit in front of the TV and laugh.

Is anyone else loving the Ombre trend? In December I posted the dipped dress which is probably the beginning of my ombre love... It's a perfect gradient... where the colours continuously flow into each other as if it was meant to be there. It doesn't feel like it's out of place but that it's meant to be there.

Monique Lhuillier created the most precious ombre dresses (if I had the money and a place to wear it - I would get it lol). But then again I love most of her dresses... but something about her ombre dresses that takes the cake.

What do you think of the Ombre trend?

{images via Monique Lhuillier}