October 27, 2012


The photos don't give it justice to how much intricate detailing it was put in the wedding gowns. And seeing it up close was a treat. Truthfully, I'm never really a fan of big over-the-top gowns but seeing this collection made me that little girl picturing myself in a big ball gown. Paraezo Couture is led by Bruce Dang as he continues to strive to make Paraezo a household name in the bridal industry. And truthfully, I'm sold. My favourite gown probably has to be the finale gown. If I were to choose something more elaborate that's the style I would love to get that one. When I first saw the headpieces on the models - it reminded me of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Something fairy-tale like. The whole collection was really a dream.

Below right is the finale dress... I'm in love! 

Now seeing this collection, doesn't it just makes you want to get married? Or at least try on some wedding gowns. 

{All images via IMG Canada}

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