December 30, 2011

Happy New Year.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I'm not much of a party-er so I'll be going over my friend's place and counting down with my lovelies. How are you spending New Year's Eve?

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December 28, 2011


I don't think I've ever been so in love with a dress as I am with this one. Isn't this just gorgeous? 

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A Pink & Black Celebration

I'm scrambling for outfits I can wear to the New Year's Eve party with a very strict dress colour code of Pink + Black. And all I can think of is this Yumi dress I got awhile back from Charlie's Boutique for my friend's wedding. I say it should suffice with the theme - I'll be pairing it with my black blazer from Bicyclette and accessorise it with all things black: jewelry, hoisery and my JC wedges. Done and done... unless... a hot magenta dress magically appears from now until Saturday. What will you be wearing during the countdown to a New Year?

{image via Charlie's Boutique}

December 27, 2011

This & That Cape

And so my cape obsession continues on... I dropped by Anthropologie Yorkville after S told me that they still had several of the This & That Cape. Isn't this a beauty? Part cape, part bolero. And it was 50% off from the sale price. So I just had to get it. This makes it cape #3 in as many weeks. I can't wait to pair this with my wide-leg trousers. 

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December 26, 2011

Fur + Stripes

This was taken a couple of days ago... my hair was quite co-operative and I was so proud that the fact I only spent 5mins on it. I paired my fur vest that I bought from some random store in Pacific Mall and a newly bought Joe Fresh (on sale 2 for $16) striped shirt and I am finally wearing the necklace I got 2 years ago from my cousin. Rustic chic is what I call it.


December 23, 2011

A girl can dream...

The beautiful designs from the classic Chanel. I can really dream, can I not? But I'm working my way up. Aside from Burberry, Chanel is one of the labels I would love to have in my closet. The quilted design is such timeless - what girl wouldn't want it? This will be on my wishlist next year, perhaps! Merry Christmas....

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December 22, 2011

Sou Brette

Even though we are an ocean apart... D is the ultimate shopping buddy. Yesterday, he emails me with photo attachments of accessories by an Indonesian designer, Muqliza Imroni. And I am completely head over heels with her stuff: Sou Brette. I really could not decide for the life of me which style I wanted... but in the end I've decided on the Luminarie bracelet in blue within her Unknown Waters Collection. I cannot wait to see it in person!! 


December 20, 2011


Still working away my resolutions... I figure I should be more realistic next year and list out things I will and can do continuously in the year 2012. Are you also making a list for 2012?

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December 19, 2011

Laces and silk... oh my!

Just days before Christmas and I'm still scrambling to buy gifts and then to send some out. Procrastination + forgetfulness has gotten the best of me this year.... Are you scrambling to finish up your list?

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December 13, 2011

Cape, please!

We were here for 30mins and came out of nothing but you come in for 5mins and walk away with a cape... you are the true shopaholic. - quoted by M

I've added another cape into my collection. I spotted this cape from Anthropologie several months ago, I tried it on and instantly loved it but not the price tag. So I put it back onto the hanger. Fast-forward to a month ago... I saw it again and this time on sale. I tried it again and thought to myself... should I? Nah. So I put it back to the hanger. Fast-forward to tonight, meeting with the girls at Shops at Don Mills, I popped my head because Anthro was having a sale - S pointed out the green cape - it was ONLY $78 PLUS 30%. I tried it on... and bought it. 

{images via Anthropologie}

December 10, 2011

Wanted: Laptop Sleeve

After winning a laptop from my work party - this marks my first official laptop. Yes! Ladies & Gents, I never had a laptop until now... I never really see the need for it until recently with my nomadic travellin' and lack of concentration when I work at home. So now I'm on a hunt for a cute laptop sleeve... I am lovin' this Marc Jacobs Neoprene sleeve... now only if it came in that colour in my laptop size...

{images via shopbop}

December 9, 2011

Tote Lovin'

Aren't these tote bags just the cutest... they are from Maude & Tilda - stumble upon while going through my blog roll... 

I'm on such a tote lovin' mood I'll be getting the dream tote from fieldguided from my fave Queen West store Bicyclette Boutique

{images via Maude & Tilda}

December 6, 2011

2 Earrings later...

A shopping date with D at Queen St. West was almost deemed sad and pathetic because we were still empty-handed after going in & out to several of our fave boutiques. Then we walked in Love of Mine (my go-to-jewelry-store) and found out that Toronto-based designer, Eliza Kozurno was doing a trunk show... and long and behold I fell in love. I love all of her pieces so much so I couldn't decide and walked away with 2 pairs of earrings with D & V's words of shopping wisdom.


December 5, 2011

Hello 2012.

How cute is this wall calendar by Alex Perlin? I love the softness of the watercolour. Time to add that to my wish list! I got it!

{images via Alex Perlin}

Happy December.

Sorry for the very slow post-writings or lack there of. It's been crazy at work with the Holiday season upon us. Anyways, let's get very merry and jolly with this Nordic Cardigan from Joe Fresh. Adorbs, don't you think? I believe it also comes in red and blue from what I've seen in the stores.

{image via Joe Fresh}

November 30, 2011

Fancy a hat!

As many of my friends know I love accessories and I had a phase where all I did was buy hats. But ever since the Royal Wedding and seeing all the amazing fascinators and headpieces. Wouldn't it just be a grand idea to have that as a requirement for your wedding? And then... I stumbled upon Bijou Van Ness (via the Wedding Chicks) and I fell in love. I am more determine than ever to attend a wedding with a headpiece requirement. What do you think about the fascinators?

{images via Bijou Van Ness}

November 29, 2011

I am officially a Minkette.

So I was first introduced to Rebecca Minkoff last summer, when S decided to sell the Nikki Mustard Croc because she had that same colour in another style! Then came Christmas, I bought my 'Je t'aime' black pouch then S gave me a "Un, deux, trois" purple pouch for Christmas! Then just a couple of months ago... I got my 4th RM: the Mini Black MAC with the gold hardware. I completely adore it. Now contemplating... on what my next RM buy will be. Been eyeing on the MAM - just waiting for the right colour to entice me.

I'll be getting something next year since I was very good during the Black Friday weekend. What did you splurge on during Black Friday?



How cute is this sweater dress from the H&M Holiday Collection? Just pair it with leggings and knee-high boots and you are good to go for a chillin' night with friends.

{images via H&M}

November 22, 2011

Want: The Brooklyn

This has officially made it in my wish list: The Brooklyn leather camera satchel by ONA in Chestnut Isn't it a beaut? Perfect when I go traveling and I'll still remain stylish. 

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Counting down to Christmas...

November is nearing the end. And next thing you know Christmas is just 24 days away.... isn't this such a cute Advent Calendar. I would make one if I had my nieces and nephews around.

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November 15, 2011

Move over Winter. Hello H&M Spring!

With such mild temperatures in the past month... it's hard not to overlook winter and say hello to spring. This is why when I stumbled upon the Spring 2012 line-up from H&M - it made me smile! I absolutely, positively love love love it. I especially love the bright colours along with the mod look that is much adored from the 60's. These were some of my favourite pieces. Eeeps. I'm excited.

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November 14, 2011

Stylin' Sounds.

Fashion takes over audio. Isn't the Juicy Couture perfect for a winter day to listen to your music without freezing your ears? But I prefer the simple headphones from Marc Jacobs with just having the signature Miss Marc character on the front. Do you like these out-of-the-box fashion headphones or are you more of the traditional type?

{All images via Shopbop}

November 13, 2011

All hearts.

Completely loving Zara's fall/winter 2011.

(images via Zara)

November 11, 2011

Glitter & Lace

1. Gianna's Limited Ed. Leather & Lace Gown, Free People 2. Flickering Slip Dress, Anthropologie 3. Cillia Dress by Motel Rock, Charlie Boutique 4. Gold Tunic, Zara 5. Aztek Drape Maxi Dress, French Connection 6. Parker Cluster Beaded Strapless Dress, Shopbop

The holiday season is upon us... it's all about glitter and lace this Holiday season... these are some dresses that I much adore. Have you started your holiday dress shopping?


November 9, 2011

DIY: Elastic Headband

I've been in such a DIY mood... it's been crazy. So after a trip to the local fabric store I finally sewed a couple of headbands from the trim I bought. After a failed first attempt... I got my sewing mojo and successfully sewed 4 sets of headbands. I'm still on a hunt for the sequence lace trim. So I can make some more. I styled my hair with the short chignon hair that the Beauty Department showed. It's a very bohemian look that I much adore. Now get your sewing kit ready and sew away.


Pretty in Pink.

Just recently I am loving bright colours especially the bright magenta! Wouldn't this Draped One Shoulder Dress by Shoshanna just be perfect for your upcoming holiday parties?

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November 7, 2011

November 6, 2011

Button it up.

I've been feeling quite crafty recently and with winter upon us I decided to change the buttons of my black winter coat. I opted for a change with these distressed silver button with the coat of arms. I say it turned out great. Totally a good way to give your clothing a refresh especially if you are on a low budget!


November 2, 2011

Shoes Obsessed.

I don't know how this actually happened... but I have become shoes obsessed. You can say it occurred during my whirlwind trip to Asia. I just couldn't stop buying shoes after shoes... after 6months away... I came back to with 10 new pairs ranging from heels to wedges to flats to sandals. Now with my parents in Asia... it's time to stock up with a new collection. Re-introducing myself with the Asia brands... my cousin mentions to me that the Singaporean shoe brand, Pedro has opened a store in Manila. So I quickly went on to browse their online catalogue. J'adore.

{Images via Pedro}

November 1, 2011

Leopard love.

I was never really fan of leopard print but when I saw this leopard beret from Bicyclette Boutique! I just had to get it! Today I paired it with my Joe Fresh tied-up white blouse & trench coat!


October 25, 2011

Make a wish....

Drooling about the soft and creamy sun that we had last Summer.

With the month of October almost coming to a close... Christmas is around the corner, suffice to say the malls are going to be packed with people rushing to cross off all the names on their Christmas list. So, as requested by S... here goes my wish list. It ranges from reasonable to over-the-top-maybe-in-the-next-lifetime-but-wouldn't-hurt-to-try-anyways prices.

  • I've been in love with these Tokyo Dreamer Straps... ever since I saw them - but I can never decide which colours I like more... blue or coral. 
  • Not that I really need it but these Body Chains are HOT. Completely love them. 
  • What girl doesn't love to have more hats to keep warm in the Toronto winters. I am loving this slouchy Penelope hat from CM. 100% Cashmere. 
  • For the MacBook I'll be getting soon... (I would have put that as part of my wish list... but who am I kidding.) 
  • Ever since I saw this online and then trying it on several times... I am still in love with the This & That Cape.
  • This would look so nice next to my Tiffany's toggle bracelet... oh the beloved Hermes H bracelet
Just to add... anything from Bicyclette Boutique or Charlie Boutique - I would be happy with. :)

{Image via De Vetpan}

October 23, 2011


After years of eye-ing the black toggle bracelet from Tiffany's - I finally used up my gift cards and got it. And I absolutely love it. Now... what will be on my wish list next?


October 21, 2011

Vera Wang 2012 Fall Bridal

"You don’t alter Vera to fit you; you alter yourself to fit Vera." (Bride Wars)

LG Fashion Week is almost finishing up in Toronto and my mind is blown with all the amazing stuff that the designers have up their sleeves for next year. But Vera Wang 2012 Fall Bridal takes the cake. I am loving the champagne colour with the combination of black rather than the normal whites. Talk about drama! And loving it!

{Images via Wedding Chicks}