October 28, 2011

Trench love!

October 25, 2011

Make a wish....

Drooling about the soft and creamy sun that we had last Summer.

With the month of October almost coming to a close... Christmas is around the corner, suffice to say the malls are going to be packed with people rushing to cross off all the names on their Christmas list. So, as requested by S... here goes my wish list. It ranges from reasonable to over-the-top-maybe-in-the-next-lifetime-but-wouldn't-hurt-to-try-anyways prices.

  • I've been in love with these Tokyo Dreamer Straps... ever since I saw them - but I can never decide which colours I like more... blue or coral. 
  • Not that I really need it but these Body Chains are HOT. Completely love them. 
  • What girl doesn't love to have more hats to keep warm in the Toronto winters. I am loving this slouchy Penelope hat from CM. 100% Cashmere. 
  • For the MacBook I'll be getting soon... (I would have put that as part of my wish list... but who am I kidding.) 
  • Ever since I saw this online and then trying it on several times... I am still in love with the This & That Cape.
  • This would look so nice next to my Tiffany's toggle bracelet... oh the beloved Hermes H bracelet
Just to add... anything from Bicyclette Boutique or Charlie Boutique - I would be happy with. :)

{Image via De Vetpan}

October 23, 2011


After years of eye-ing the black toggle bracelet from Tiffany's - I finally used up my gift cards and got it. And I absolutely love it. Now... what will be on my wish list next?


October 21, 2011

Vera Wang 2012 Fall Bridal

"You don’t alter Vera to fit you; you alter yourself to fit Vera." (Bride Wars)

LG Fashion Week is almost finishing up in Toronto and my mind is blown with all the amazing stuff that the designers have up their sleeves for next year. But Vera Wang 2012 Fall Bridal takes the cake. I am loving the champagne colour with the combination of black rather than the normal whites. Talk about drama! And loving it!

{Images via Wedding Chicks}

October 19, 2011

Who needs a therapist?

... when you can buy shoes. (Seen at Townshoes, Fairview Mall)


I am a Trendsetter!

My visualDNA: Trendsetter
Modern in your way of thinking and fun loving in your outlook on life, you are on the pulse of what's hot and what's not. You are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers in the name of style and creativity - moving forward with the times is what's important to you. You are an emotional spirit and you make really strong connections. Good friends and lots of laughs are the recipe for really happy days. And nights!
Lively and confident, you're someone who likes to make a big impression. You understand that first impressions count and that you won't always get a second chance. You've got great taste and strive to be one step ahead of the crowd. Your passion for fashion means you've got a bit of a reputation amongst your friends for creating your own style. Keeping an eye on the trends, you know what suits you but while adopting the values of society in dress and taste, you are just as concerned with inward, spiritual beauty as with looks. The key is to allow yourself to appreciate life's journey while holding fast to that which matters most to you.
Take the quiz here

Trick or Treat

Halloween is right around the corner! And how darling is this Max costume (from Where the Wild Things Are).  In the future, I think I would enjoy Halloween more when I have my own kids to dress up. Present time... I've decided to be Cleopatra... who knew finding the right dress & accessories is a chore.. It's crunch time with less than 2 weeks to find something. What are you going to be?

{Image via A Cup of Jo}

October 18, 2011

Art Student.

How befitting posing in front of my diploma from York U, when I get a comment from work that I dressed like an art student. It was a chilly day today. So I decided to throw on my fur vest with my checkered shirt, jeans and finally took out my Uggs. Yes. I wear Uggs. They are so comfy. Don't hate. I got so many compliments on my glasses. I found these when I was in Asia last year. I normally don't wear glasses but today my contacts was giving me problems. And that summed up my outfit. I love the no dress code at work. I normally just dress what I feel.

October 17, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I did. I spent Saturday night with my lovelies at D's housewarming that had us dressed up in preppy clothes. Here's Christine! In her French-prep attire. Loving her textured quilted shorts with her chain suspenders... tres Chanel-like.


October 15, 2011

Polka Dot fun!

I got a comment today by my coworker that I looked like a girl from the 60s - I will take that as a compliment - with my latest hairstyle, polka dot top paired it with my wide leg denim - my job is complete! Polka dot love!


October 14, 2011

Crunch. Crunch.

The leaves are changing colours and now it's all about the crunching of the leaves on the ground! I still can't believe the weather we are getting even if it's wet & gloomy! I'm still able to wear my flats I got from the Zara Spring/Summer collection.


October 11, 2011


Mid-20's temperatures in October. Amazing. Good news for my wardrobe. I was able to have another go with my blush pink top I got from a store in First Markham Place several months ago. I paired it with jeans and the Coach brown bag. Just a simple outfit for work.


This & That Cape.

On Friday, I met up with my lovelies in Yorkville and after a pitcher of sangria & a plate of nachos at the Hemingways patio. We decided to drop by Anthropologie and there hung the most beautiful cape. I actually saw this on the website and vowed to get it. But, it slipped my mind until Friday. I went over and just had to take it off from the hanger and slip it on. Ahh... what a beaut. Now... if only the price tag would cooperate with me.


October 10, 2011

All tied up!

Searching for these tied up military boots! Perfect to trudge around in the gruesome Toronto winters! Now where to find the perfect pair where functionality and style meets?


October 8, 2011

Let it flow...

I had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that Mother Nature had to offer us... that I finally wore my silk maxi dress I purchased from Anthropologie Seattle! Who wouldn't love a dress that used to be $200 - and I got it for $50! Steal! It's sometimes a good idea to just wait & see!

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy long weekend!


October 7, 2011

Hair styled!

I just had to... pretty much out of spontaneity I decided to get a haircut last Saturday at Brennan Demelo (Adelaide & Spadina) and absolutely love it! Thanks D for the rec. I especially loved the stylist, Shauna! She's actually the first stylist I've seen that played around with the hair for a bit before doing any cutting and she gave a couple of options!

Now... back to the original subject! Why can't I replicate the style she did for me! She was giving me tips & it seemed easier enough! Do you guys have problems with repeating those simple steps your stylist gives you?


October 4, 2011

One accented scarf...

Who knew a quick browse through Pacific Mall, a couple of years ago, would lead me to one of my favourite scarves I own and the fact that it was ridiculously cheap is a bonus! What drew me to this scarf was the bold contrasting colours of the reds, blues, greens and yellows - and with the addition of this scarf it just makes any outfit look more vibrant and interesting. Today, I paired the scarf with a wool cardigan from Anthropologie, and a Forever21 buttoned down white blouse.


October 3, 2011

Comfy Gray!

The fall crisp weather is here and what better way to bring out the sweaters and scarves. I dropped by Bicyclette, a cute Queen Street West boutique, a couple of days ago and found the most comfiest gray knitted wool sweater! I matched it with the Michael Kors 'Wild at Heart' scarf from Holt's and paired it with black leggings and knee-high black boots. A Perfect fall outfit.


Be bold.

The days are getting shorter. The temperature is slowly dropping. There are less sunny days. So it would be normal to just go back into the monochromatic wardrobes because who are we kidding... it's cold and dreary. BUT.... as seen on the runway... it's all about being bold. The colours of summer is carrying into the fall and then winter. It won't be a sea of blacks and whites and betweens instead splashes of primary colours should be spotted. And I love it. I'm not saying to go all out... but an accessory or 2 would just brighten your outfit and it really will make you happier.

A perfect way to make a winter wardrobe (esp. with a black coat, that everyone has) is a nice bold coloured purse. I used to be all about black bags because it goes with everything. But black is just so bluh. Why not go with a bright fuschia purse? Or a royal blue tote?