October 16, 2012


During my walk through Kensington Market with Kate - we dropped by Bungalow. It's weird how I used to live near that area but I never really shop there. And since I'm on this vintage bonanza... let me show you what I purchased. I wasn't really looking for anything particular but the gold stripes cuff caught my attention. I pulled it out from the racks and there it was. Something that could be part of a marching band costume. And I fell in love. I tried it on and long and behold it fit magically. So, what's a girl to do? But to just purchase it. Of course, I was a tad bit reluctant. I put it on several times and asked Kate for the nth time and then finally I was thoroughly convinced that it belonged in my closet. It was $40. 100% wool. And nothing like it in my closet. Pair this with a loose white shirt and skinny jeans and I'm set for a night out. 


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