October 31, 2012


So as I said, I dropped by Top Man over the weekend and I think this is the 'it' shopping store for the guy in your life and it couldn't come at a better time. I fell in love with the knitted cardigans, the elbow patches and the fitted chinos. They had so many selections that would appeal to every guy (no matter how conservative they are).

Guys' fashion is never changing but I am loving how Top Man is introducing the guys to colours and prints. The first look is all about the knitted cardigan with the elbow patches anchored with the basic must-haves. All guys should have a great pair of chinos, a good pair of amazing loafers and a good leather belt. They are basic items that can be simply paired with a t-shirt and a jacket. This is a good option instead of wearing jeans for the smarter and sleek look. I decided I wanted to introduce how different prints can be combined, so I paired the cardigan with a stripe shirt. It's a basic piece that picks up the blues and the reds of the cardigan and it will match perfectly with it.

Light Grey Slim Chinos // Navy Nordic Pattern Cardigan // Samsoe & Samsoe T-Shirt
// Tan Leather Jeans Belt // Robri Suede Desert Shoes

The second look is very much inspired by my fascination with polka dots. And I'm so excited that the trend has carried over to mens' fashion. Here is a look where I did polka dots on polka dots. It works because the polo is the basic with a more subtle polka dot pattern, where as the sweater is the statement piece with the contrasting colours of red and blue. I paired it with dark denim that can be use casually or pair it with a blazer and you are ready for a night out. Since winter is coming, I thought I would pair it with a slim fit peacoat that I think all guys should have or something like it. I find way too many guys love the over-sized coats that does not create a shape. For the colder days, wear an over-sized beanie and a wool snood and you are ready to walk around styling in Toronto winter. Opted for a sleeker pair of boots instead of the chunkier ones I normally see guys wear. 

B/W Spotty Polo // Navy Large Polka Dot Jumper // Indigo Vintage Slim Jeans
// Grey Wool Skinny Fit Peacoat // Standford Chukka Boots // Black Beanie 

{All images via Top Man}

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