November 30, 2012


It's been a couple of years since I went to One of a Kind show but this year I had a chance to go c/o Fashionights. So with my shopping twin in toe... we headed to see the show. I've never been to the Christmas edition but I think I like it more - probably because of the gigantic Christmas tree that's right smack and in the centre of it all. 'Tis the holiday season. We started from the far right then walk left. Here's a tid bit... stay hydrated and be prepared to at least spend a couple to several hours at the show. 

Let's do this. OOAKX12 Round-up.

1 // Créations Li, is the brainchild of Montréal-based artist, Wai-Yant Li. She creates ceramics that is based on her childhood imagination and draws inspiration from characters she grew up with. Doesn't it remind you of the mushrooms in Super Mario? This was by far my favourite stall because it just brings a smile to your face. Unfortunately, I couldn't decide for the life of me decide, which one to get but Neha bought the squishy cup (the one on the right). Too cute.

2 // Biko is a modern nostalgic jewelry brand, individually hand-crafted by Toronto-based designer Corrine Anestopoulous. You can find some of her pieces at Love of Mine Boutique on Queen West. I fell in love with her jewelry pieces and I really was torn to what to get. Each of the pieces has its own character shaped into it, which drew me to loving them even more. I decided to get a black rock pendant necklace because of the strong contrast between the gold and black, according to Corrine, the gem is a healing stone. Bonus. I actually wanted the one photographed below then I noticed how it heavy it was. Makes such a good statement piece paired with a LBD. Hmm... 

3 // Green Bijou is everything I love about the idea of reclaimed objects turned into jewelry. I first heard about this when I was in New York, accidentally coming across a craft fair market. They would take reclaimed objects that they excavated around the city and create it into jewelries. I love this idea because each piece has a story to tell and it's the perfect souvenir from the city. And that's what Tricia McMaster does but instead of New York - her pieces are reclaimed from Paris. Perhaps, the reason why I was even more curious about it. You can spend hours just reading up on the little tags of where each piece came from. It's vintage yet new. Best of both worlds. In the photographed are remnants of an optician office way back when... I don't know why these peaked my interest so much. It's probably the simplicity and the history behind it. 

4 // Velvet Moustache is the reason why you would want to have kids because as adults you can't really have a bed full of too-cute-for-words stuffed animals... or can you? It is founded by two innovative spirits who wanted to create a product that is a tasteful blend of ecology, ethics, fun and creativity put together to offer you a product that is trendy; one that is both human and environmentally friendlyI fell in love with these little sleepyheads. Aren't they just too cute? The Sheep and the Owl was by my favourite but who can say no to the Panda.

5 // C comme Ça is created by Montreal-based Cindy Cantin that uses felt as her material of choice due to its durability and sustainability. It is a concept that was derived to combine design, ecology and everyday living into one. Cantin plays with the modern as well as the traditional, she has developed a unique, timeless style; simplicity married with classical, or sometimes even vintage. The combination of felt and leather was use wonderfully and I just had to have one. But the question was... which one? I ended up choosing the one photographed below. I believe its for a laptop (namely a Macbook) but I've decided to use it as an over-sized clutch! I love the contrast of the texture and also the colour of the materials used. 

Until the next OOAK!


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