November 8, 2012


I'm in search of high and low for a tulle skirt in that perfect colour where it just hits perfectly on the knee. My obsession stems since summer but I did take a break from looking for one. And now I'm back obsessing over the perfect tulle skirt, especially seeing the latest lookbook from Ruche and Bicyclette. It's all things that laces of frills is all about. Ballerinas, tulles, glitter and everything a little girl in a pink tutu dreams about. Tulle always associates with me with Paris... like when Carrie was wearing that tulle skirt in Paris (oh yes! Sex and the City reference). Ahhh... dancing in tulle.

I may have found the perfect tulle skirt from where else but Anthropologie. Oh but the price tag is something I may need to mull over. Ruche had a couple that is at a reasonable prices I would want this and that, but as luck would have it - they are out of stock. And so I will continue to search for my tulle skirt or perhaps I should master the art of sewing... skirt doesn't seem to be hard to sew, right?

{images via Anthropologie, Ruche, This is Glamorous}

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