November 21, 2012


Fashion is all about playing with the different patterns, 
intertwining pieces that don't necessarily belong but once you put your outfit together, it just fits. 
It is all about the little details that makes the outfit come together.   

Animal print is a huge trend this year especially this season. Everyone seems to be having a ball of a time with these prints. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of animal prints on pants. Mind you, not many can people can pull this off but when they do... it's amazing. 

Neha, my shopping twin, wore her latest buy from Zara when we saw each other last week. A burgundy-coloured leopard animal print pants with a gold lining on the side is just magically perfect. Her style is sophisticated chic and what I love about this outfit is that she took the colours from her pants and played with it. She wore a simple black knit along with her camel coat that picks up from the gold lining. Everything is subtle... leaving the animal print pants to be the stand-out piece.

{all images taken by me}

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