December 3, 2012


Kirsten Dunst portrayed Marie Antoinette in 2006 that displayed the luxurious lifestyle of the French royal highness. Marie Antoinette's fashion sense was extravagantly amazing and I probably would consider her as one of the top style icons during her time. I love the pastel palette and the intricate details of the gowns. And her hairstyle is so over-the-top that I can't be mesmerize by it at the same time. When she became Queen of France she was a mere child, perhaps why she took a lot chances (some say it would be risque), but nevertheless, she inject some life in the French royalty with her personality and fashion sense. And also if you are wondering, Versailles is as extravagant as her clothes - I never really did get why they would live in a "house" that would take nearly half a day to walk from one wing to another. 


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