November 22, 2012


1 // Mini Wishbone Bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner
2 // Bead Stretch Bracelet, Michael Kors
3 // Jewel Tone Bracelet, Holst + Lee
4 // Hook Wrap Bracelet, Giles & Brother
6 // Atlantic Whalers Bracelet, Kiel James Patrick
7 // Chevron Cuff, CC Skye
8 // Astin Bracelet, Lauren Elan

All of these are pretty much on my wish list *hint hint* *nudge nudge*

Recently, I've learned to layer my bracelets, so that's why I opted for simple pieces that can go with the bracelets I have now but it can also go solo. The Chevron Cuff is the odd one out but I am in love with this pattern. Just in love with it. If I could have just chevron-printed clothes I would. That's how much I am in love with the pattern.


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