November 27, 2012


Good Guys Don't Wear Leather is Marion Hanania's own collection that produces shoes without using any animal ingredients. Good Guys cherishes the past but embraces the future. The brand plays with shapes, styles and looks from older times, but continually explores new materials and production methods. The amount of detailing they have on their collection is just mind-blowing. And I think it'll become my go-to shoe brand from now on. Currently though, most of the collection are only for men's as the women's collection is limited but keep an eye out - they promise it'll be available to women soon. 
AYASHI black
EBONI brandy
SKADEB black

How did I hear about them?
I first stumbled upon Good Guys Don't Wear Leather when I was searching high and low for a suede ankle boots that had that perfect heel. I nearly gave up until I remembered to check what Jonathan & Olivia had to offer. They had the most marvelous selection, most notably would be the Isabel Marant's Dicker boots but since I wasn't prepared to spend over $500 for a pair of boots - I then saw the Anna boots from Good Guys Don't Wear Leather on sale. I read more information about these boots and found out it was designed by the same designer as the Dicker boots, Marion Hanania. I was sold. What more can you ask for... French designer, vegan suede, the perfect heel height, the ribbon detailing and it was on sale. So, I dropped by Jonathan and Olivia over the weekend and finally added it into my collection. Isn't it a beaut? 

{images via Good Guys // instagram}

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