November 28, 2012


Being crafty allows you to create pieces to call it your own and yours alone. 
This project is derived from my obsession over typography more specifically ampersand. Last week, I spotted an ampersand sweater but the material shed too much to my own liking, so I decided to tackle on my first DIY project, of course you can change whatever symbol you want. 

What you need: 
- a sweater (used)
- 8x11" felt 
- thick thread 
- scissors
- a print out of the symbol 
- clips/close pins
- needle

Instead of outlining the felt with print-out I decided to just clip it with the close pins that I had and it worked pretty well - but just remember to stop and secure it when you cut a section so nothing gets out of place. After cutting the felt I laid it out on the sweater to see where I would want it to be placed. Before I sewed it because I got a bit paranoid that the felt with bleed - I decided to pre-wash the felt. And then it was good to go. As for the sewing I just eye'd it of how much spacing it was between the stitching. I always start and end with the thread underneath the sweater. 
 Happy stitching! Be sure to send me a photo of your hand-stitched project, I would love to see it. 


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