December 10, 2012


So this week I've decided to do a Style File on this little tyke. Hudson Kroenig is the the 4-year-old son of model & Karl Lagerfeld's muse, Brad Kroenig. He first walked the runway at the age of 2 for Chanel. He is the godson and muse of Karl Lagerfeld. Could life really get any better? And like his father he has great style. I adore his wavy locks just like his dad's. Oh Hudson, you are too adorable. His latest runway show was at the Chanel, Pre-Fall 2013 where he donned a kilt. It's too cute for words. He also appeared on The Covateur and I didn't think I would be jealous of a toddler's closet but I am.
A closet full of Fendi, Chanel... just to name a few. 

Below are the shots from The Covateur


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