December 14, 2012


Why can't we get these cool art installations in Toronto?
Like a giant swing playground!!
If you are in NYC before Jan 6 - go check it out at the Armory.
Swing. Swing.

"The even of a thread," Ann Hamilton's installation at the Park Avenue Armory, features 42 large wood-plank swings, for use by visitors. Swinging agitates an immense curtain. The swings, suspended from the hall's elaborately trussed ceiling beams by heavy chains, are also tied to the rope-and-pulley system that holds up the curtain. When the swings are in action, the curtain, made of a lightweight silk twill, rises and dips, and the air is stirred, causing further billowing and fluttering. The swings, which are clearly not built for children, are wide enough to accommodate two, or sometimes even three, adults or adolescents. 

{images via New York Times}

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