December 6, 2012


Take #2 of Hair Story (sorry for the slight delay) been swamped with projects. 
This is the hairstyle when I realised that my hair is super long. 
Well, the longest it's ever been since I was 8 years old.
When Jenny first saw my turban she was like "you need to wear this everyday." Though, that seems to be the majority response. I got it 2 years at Charlie's but I think I've only worn it a couple of times. 
Turbans are fun to wear especially when you want to make a 'boring' outfit more fun. 
I just never realised that I could do more to my hair except for leaving it down. 
And this is why Jenny is the hairstyle guru and I'm just the noob. 

I decided to go more everyday with this hairstyle because it's my style. 
The items below I own half of them... the shirt and the vest are still in a work in purchase! :)
Of course, I wouldn't just wear the shorts (I will either pair it with black tights or knee-high socks). 
It has more of an edgy urban look with a pop of sophistication due to the lace details on the blouse. 
Wear this look for any time of the day... just go heavy on the eye liner with a night out with friends.
WHAT TO WEAR | Shirt, Club Monaco // Vest, Club Monaco // Shorts, Club Monaco
// Boots, Jeffrey Campbell

{images taken by Jenny}

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