September 24, 2012


I knew it was a bad idea to walk in Bicyclette yesterday... but since I haven't walk in that store in a couple of months I said sure why not. The moment I walked in... I fell in love with a top. White with black and gold polka dots. I picked it out... then pondered. But put it back. I walked around a bit in the store... but came back to the top. So, I decided to try it on. I came out of the change room and Donna just screamed with glee of excitement. She said that it was "me". I looked at it. Pondered. Then got it because the 10% off was the deal breaker. Here is one top with 3 different looks

Edgy Chic: I paired it with my leather jacket & RM Mac.

Parisian Chic: Nothing like a good pencil skirt to pair it with. 

Smart Chic: Paired it with my cropped houndstooth jacket. 

Did I tell you I'm extremely excited for fall?


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