September 16, 2012


H&M: Printed Floral Shirt, Grey pants with black lining, Zebra print shirt & a fitted houndstooth dress

I completely forgot to do a intro post of Jenny, so I shall combine it. Jenny is my creative twin, we both get excited talking about paper and crafts. But for her day job, she's currently a teacher where she needs to dress more of a business attire. So, she has recruited me to style her for her 9-5 job. Jen knows style, except  in her words, it takes too much time. Her style is classic and simple, so I decided to break her out of her mold.

Yesterday, we met up at Fairview to pick out some outfits. Not the ideal location but it served some purpose. Our first store was H&M. I'll say this. If you are in need of an outfit and on a budget, H&M is the place to be. I was pretty shocked of how well they made their fitted shirts to be. They are actually flattering. She got all of the pieces except the Zebra printed shirt (because it was returned & the last one). I fell in love with the pants. With me, it is all about the details. The grey dress pants has a black trim which adds so much to the outfit. And it fit perfectly on Jenny. The floral print was gorgeous - it's very Parisian. I really like the Zebra print too but too bad it was the last one. And then the Houndstooth dress... form-fitting and it looked great on her. 

We dropped by Calvin Klein, RW&Co, Gap, RW&Co, and Zara - but they were all misses. Disappointing. 

We will be resuming another shopping day probably in the next couple of weeks. 

Until then,

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