September 11, 2012


The Basic: Zara Dress, $59.90
Day: F21 Cropped Blazer, $29.80, F21 Pearl Necklaces, $7.80, Zara 3-Toned Heels, $79.90
Night: Zara Jacket, $99.90, H&M Cuff Bracelet, $7.95, Zara Gold Headband, $11.90, Zara Ankle Boots, $59.90

So, this first look is based on finding a dress that is versatile for work and going out. The thing that I like about this Zara dress is the tailored fit that is appropriate for work yet that small black detail adds style that can be perfect for a night out of town. This gives a good foundation to build an outfit that can quickly transition from work to play. 

During work, I paired it with a cropped blazer to give off a professional look, with long pearl necklaces and to add some colour I found the 3-toned colour heels from Zara that isn't overly high and is appropriate for work but the colours just add a little Christine-personality to the outfit. 

During a night out, I paired it with a leather jacket and I find that gold accessories adds more of a statement and chic-ness than silver. Christine loves to wear headbands, so the gold stretched headband would add some playfulness to it and a gold bow cuff is just a good way to have more fun. I decided to pair it with ankle platform boots to give more of an edgy look. 


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  1. I love the three toned heels and headband!