October 25, 2011

Make a wish....

Drooling about the soft and creamy sun that we had last Summer.

With the month of October almost coming to a close... Christmas is around the corner, suffice to say the malls are going to be packed with people rushing to cross off all the names on their Christmas list. So, as requested by S... here goes my wish list. It ranges from reasonable to over-the-top-maybe-in-the-next-lifetime-but-wouldn't-hurt-to-try-anyways prices.

  • I've been in love with these Tokyo Dreamer Straps... ever since I saw them - but I can never decide which colours I like more... blue or coral. 
  • Not that I really need it but these Body Chains are HOT. Completely love them. 
  • What girl doesn't love to have more hats to keep warm in the Toronto winters. I am loving this slouchy Penelope hat from CM. 100% Cashmere. 
  • For the MacBook I'll be getting soon... (I would have put that as part of my wish list... but who am I kidding.) 
  • Ever since I saw this online and then trying it on several times... I am still in love with the This & That Cape.
  • This would look so nice next to my Tiffany's toggle bracelet... oh the beloved Hermes H bracelet
Just to add... anything from Bicyclette Boutique or Charlie Boutique - I would be happy with. :)

{Image via De Vetpan}

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