December 13, 2011

Cape, please!

We were here for 30mins and came out of nothing but you come in for 5mins and walk away with a cape... you are the true shopaholic. - quoted by M

I've added another cape into my collection. I spotted this cape from Anthropologie several months ago, I tried it on and instantly loved it but not the price tag. So I put it back onto the hanger. Fast-forward to a month ago... I saw it again and this time on sale. I tried it again and thought to myself... should I? Nah. So I put it back to the hanger. Fast-forward to tonight, meeting with the girls at Shops at Don Mills, I popped my head because Anthro was having a sale - S pointed out the green cape - it was ONLY $78 PLUS 30%. I tried it on... and bought it. 

{images via Anthropologie}


  1. I followed you on blog lovin :P It's hard for me to follow you on ALL your blogs lol