December 28, 2011

A Pink & Black Celebration

I'm scrambling for outfits I can wear to the New Year's Eve party with a very strict dress colour code of Pink + Black. And all I can think of is this Yumi dress I got awhile back from Charlie's Boutique for my friend's wedding. I say it should suffice with the theme - I'll be pairing it with my black blazer from Bicyclette and accessorise it with all things black: jewelry, hoisery and my JC wedges. Done and done... unless... a hot magenta dress magically appears from now until Saturday. What will you be wearing during the countdown to a New Year?

{image via Charlie's Boutique}


  1. this is sooo pretty... I couldn't decide either - bright pink or soft?? looking in my closet...

  2. I have no choice but this! hahahaha and there's not much pink clothing in the malls >< ugh!