March 17, 2013


I had a love/hate relationship with ballet. When I was a child, I hated it waking up early on a Saturday morning to scoot off to my dance classes (ballet, jazz and tap). But now, I regretted not to have a better appreciation towards it. Probably why now every time I see ballerinas as the subjects in a photograph, I become mesmerized. Is it because of the pale pink tutus against a backdrop of the concrete jungle? Or their poses? Whatever the reason, it's cool to see. Recently, it's been a repetitive theme with photographers and I just love how the depiction changes from one photographer to another. And I'm loving the latest series from Lisa Tomasetti. Love. Love. 
 photo LisaTomasetti1_zps1dde1f8c.jpg
 photo LisaTomasetti6_zpsb2350d43.jpg
 photo LisaTomasetti4_zps478e78d3.jpg
 photo LisaTomasetti2_zpsfabeaa11.jpg
 photo LisaTomasetti11_zps8c6f32fc.jpg
 photo LisaTomasetti9_zps13cadd6a.jpg

{images via because i'm addicted}

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