January 10, 2013


I know. I've been horrible in keeping up with my outfit posts. (I won't even bother with any excuses.)
Just that I will try my hardest to post an outfit each week. Well... let me start by saying...
I've officially plunged myself into the fashion working world. Though, I can't specify where yet... 
All I can tell you... it's looking up for me. :) The people are sweet and very stylish. 
There's no excuse for not dressing your best. Not at all. 

So back to the outfit. This may look familiar to you because it was from my last DIY project
Ohh... the ampersand love. I went into work and got several compliments for the sweater. 
I didn't feel like dressing up... so I opted for a city casual look. 

WHAT I'M WEARING | Sweater, D.I.Y (seen here) // Shirt, Joe Fresh // Jeans, Gap
// Tuque, Aritzia // Bag, (from Asia)


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