March 5, 2012


Well... as you know I'm back from NYC. And I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite buys if not the best buy I got from any place I've visited recently. The pendants are from pieces that the artist finds from his excavation in the New York grounds, most of the pendants are made from shattered plates, broken beer bottles, and sorts.

After brunch at Pastis in the Meatpacking District, Pothik, Jen & Jason decided to head back to SoHo but before heading there, we accidentally passed by an Artisan Market (where they sold mostly clothes, jewelry and sorts). One table caught my eye and I made my way there.

The lady who was manning the table was telling us stories some of the pieces and I was just floored of what she knew and that she knew where everything was made from. The one that Jason I believe is from a pendant from a lighting fixture. Prices weren't bad either. They range from $40-$80.

I bought this piece that had 4 pieces of different tiles that was excavated from Central Park that's dated back to the 1840's. (Forgot to take a photo of it.)

Each piece is one of kind. Each piece has a story behind it. Each piece is history. And I'll have a piece of New York forever. Amazing.


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