October 3, 2011

Be bold.

The days are getting shorter. The temperature is slowly dropping. There are less sunny days. So it would be normal to just go back into the monochromatic wardrobes because who are we kidding... it's cold and dreary. BUT.... as seen on the runway... it's all about being bold. The colours of summer is carrying into the fall and then winter. It won't be a sea of blacks and whites and betweens instead splashes of primary colours should be spotted. And I love it. I'm not saying to go all out... but an accessory or 2 would just brighten your outfit and it really will make you happier.

A perfect way to make a winter wardrobe (esp. with a black coat, that everyone has) is a nice bold coloured purse. I used to be all about black bags because it goes with everything. But black is just so bluh. Why not go with a bright fuschia purse? Or a royal blue tote?


1 comment:

  1. I agree! I'm on the hunt for bright scarves at the moment!