September 23, 2014


It seemed like it was just yesterday when we were altogether in Toronto talking about being at each other's weddings. Fast-forward to 2014 and here we are in Chicago for our dearest Dinky's wedding day. It was a special trip not only for Dinky to say 'I do' but it was a reunion for the Toronto family with everyone disperse across the continent it was finally nice to be reunited in one city, even if it was just for a short time. It was like nothing changed. 
This was my first Indian wedding and it was much more than I expected. Seeing and experiencing a different culture and traditions was just unbelievable. Prior to the wedding, we knew that since we were going to an Indian wedding, we might as well go all out. And so we did... Jenny, Dons and I headed to buy ourselves some sari's... of course Dons and I went overboard and bought everything you can imagine that one needs for an Indian wedding... bangles and bling galore. 

The wedding festivities started on Friday night, the party was hosted by the siblings of the couple called the Sangeet. This is when friends and families do performances for the couple. Cue in the Toronto Family dance that was 8 minutes long, where we combined some Bollywood moves and modern western choreo. I'm not going to lie, it was a blast and most of all, Dinky loved it. The performance of the night would go out to Dinky's dance tribute to her mom & mother in law... She was just flawless dancing in her sari. The night ended with the bridal party performing a skit of how the couple's love story. My stomach was in stitches because it was just never-ending laughter.

Apart from the night's entertainment, we were also fed with a buffet of amazing Indian cuisine. This is when I discovered the most amazing dish, the Indians have their own version of nachos called papri chaat. I think it was some sort of crackers/chips mixed in with some sauce and you top it off with chickpeas, yogurt and chutney. Deliciousness!
The next day was the wedding ceremony, after The Purple Pig we took a quick stroll around the area... before running back to the hotel to put on our sari, where one of the aunties helped us put it on. I've always thought saris were beautiful but man oh man I wouldn't mind wearing saris all day, everyday. The intricate beading and the bright colours just makes everything so extravagant and grand. You just can't help feeling like a princess.

The wedding officially started with the Barat, this is where the groom rides on a horse (oh yes a horse in downtown Chicago), where he's joined by his friends and families while they sing and dance making their way down the street to meet with the bride's families and friends to begin the start of the couple's union.
After the Barat was over, the Bride's family and Groom's family exchange floral necklaces.
The ceremony took place about 30minutes later inside the grand ballroom. Spectacular set up. And all I can think of was that this was so much very like Dinky. Just like out of a fairy tale story.
Dinky was breathtakingly beautiful in her magenta sari - walking arm and arm with her parents. 
As per tradition, 4 of Dinky's close male relatives had to carry her while she covers her eyes with leaves, so she is not able to see Suraj yet. Seven. Was the number of the day. 7x they carried her in a circle around Suraj. 7x the couple exchanged floral necklaces. Seven. 
Her relatives picked her up really high to make it more difficult for Suraj to put the necklace on her. 
She screamed quite often because she thought they were going to drop her.
And the ceremony officially started... I forgot to take the card explaining the whole ceremony. 
After the ceremony was over... we went for more tea/coffee and snacks then headed back upstairs to our rooms for a break before heading back for cocktail hour. Photo-bombing galore.
It's crazy how quick the staff works to turn the Grand Ballroom's fairy tale ceremony into a blue wonder oasis reception in a matter of hours.

Indian weddings are all about the little extravagant details of the beading and embroidery of the saris to the jewelries that accessorized with it. Blue is Dinky's favourite colour and she just looked flawless in it her blue sari with gold embellishments.
I was floored by the details of the sari. Look at the intricacy. 
Thank you Dinks and Suraj for letting me part of the most important day of your life. 
Lots of love.

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  1. Just read through this blog post again. You are the most talented photographer ever and I'm so happy you were there with us to celebrate our special day! xoxo!