June 6, 2013


Life has been a whirlwind the past month. 
At times, I wasn't sure which city I was in, much less the day of the week. 
But after finally being back in the city for a whole week. 
It's all coming back to me. 

I started May with me accepting a job offer. 
I haven't really had much time to digest this yet but so far it's good.
The people are great and the best part is amazing the team dynamic and office culture. 

During this time also had me play tour guide for my visiting relatives. 
So I was balancing work and being a good hostess.

During the Victoria Day long weekend, I flew to Vancouver for my friends' wedding.
It was one epic 4-day trip. Barely slept a wink.
And after arriving in Toronto, 48hrs later I was off to NYC for my cousin's wedding.
Photos will coming soon.

And now it's June. I'm just excited to do catch-ups and quiet times.

Until next time...
xx charisse
{Photo taken in Gastown, Vancouver 2013}

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