June 4, 2012


Not even a full 3 days in Toronto and it's been overcast and cloudy since my arrival. Why does it look so meek and sad all of a sudden?

Anyways, I'm back from France. And I completely fell in love. I did mostly sight-seeing and eating pastries, so there aren't many stories of any midnight rendez-vous with Frenchmen. France was spectacular. Paris was a dream. I never had much expectations for this city with all of the mixed reviews but this time around I had a blast. Seeing all of the architectures and eating the heaven-like pastries were the best part of my trip. I didn't really drown myself into the culture... but it felt like I was living in Paris for a short moment since I opted to rent a flat instead of staying at a hotel.

The location was superb. And I only paid a fraction of the price if I stayed at a hotel in the same arrondisement. Oh arrondisement. You are guessing what that means? So, Paris is divided into I believe 20 arrondisements. I stayed in the 1er arrondisement which was the most central area, just minutes away from Paris' shopping district and 10mins walk from the Louvre. It was the most ideal place for me since I was traveling alone. Just a couple of blocks from the closest metro and I was surrounded by pastry and chocolate shops. It was simply divine.

Anyways, I'm still uploading my photos to my computer. I'll have them up shortly.

Until then...

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